It Still Amazes Me That Some People Don’t Use Seatbelts
To me it seems just crazy to barrel down the road at sometimes 60 to 70 miles per hour in 2000 pounds of steel and feel that it's safe not wearing a seat belt. You always hear on the news that "passengers were thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene"...
Are You Prepared for Another Minnesota Winter on the Road?
Here in Minnesota, we're familiar with the idea of emergency kits for winter travel, but it's easy to slip into the, 'It's not gonna happen to me' mentality? These tips could help you survive when a simple trip over the river & through the woods turns into a dangerous si…
Dream Getaway #28 Starts Up TODAY!
Twenty-seven lucky Loonatics have won from The Loon to go on the vacation of their dreams, and YOU could be next! Starting today (Yes, TODAY - October 16th, 2017), be listening around 7:20a, 12:20p and 4:20p to qualify for Dream Getaway #28!

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