"Anger Management", the new sitcom on the FX Channel is a show that grows on you right off the bat.. Yes Charlie Sheen is back in full form.

Carlos Irwin Estevez (Charlie Sheen) the youngest son of Actor Martin Sheen has had a pretty profitable career in both Tv and Film. Movies like Platoon, Men at Work, Wall Street, Hot Shots, Major league (just to name a few), yet Once his TV career started he became the highest paid actor on TV. "Spin City" led to "Two and a Half Men" in which Charlie earned an average of $1.8 Million an episode.

Now "Anger Management", has hit your Television screen, a show that earns him $40,000,000 a year (that's $5.78 a second), yes you're right, WOW!

I find it interesting that in all the TV sitcoms his first name remains Charlie. He was Charlie Crawford in, "Spin City", He was Charlie Harper in,"Two and a Half Men", and now, "Anger Management" he plays the character Charlie Goodson.

The show was created by Bruce Helford (The Drew Carey Show) and it appears that him and Charlie make a good team. The content of the show could use a little tweaking, but the ratings are right where they need to be to help make the show a success.

The premise of the show has Charlie as a Doctor trying to help patients with anger management issues while trying to deal with his own anger problems. They compliment each other fairly well, and might add Charlie even takes a shot or two at "Two and a Half Men" and it's creator Chuck Lorre.

The show airs Thursday nights at 8:30 CDT on FX.