This guy has always amazed me.

Years back, I witnessed - to this day - the two single greatest pieces of acting I've ever seen in my years as a film-goer.

The first was Denzel Washington's Oscar winning go in "Training Day".

The second? Daniel Day-Lewis, one year later, as "Bill The Butcher" in Scorcesses' "Gangs of New York".

He was nominated for best actor and would lose to Adrien Brody in '02 though let it be said, his turn in "Gangs" was a supporting role and had he ended up in that category, they could have simply delivered the statue to his house.

Ever since I first saw him in "In the Name of the Father", to "Last of the Mohicans" to his best actor winning role in "There Will be Blood" (why do I not own all of these on DVD?) in 2008, the guy has consistently blown me away.

He's now been cast in Steven Spielberg's upcoming biopic on Abraham Lincoln with is currently shooting in Virginia.

There was a lot of bitching when he was announced for the lead role as many believed it should have gone to an American but after seeing this first photo of him, I think people's minds will be changed.

The film will be out in 2012 and will also starSally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.