The Beatles, YouTube

Expect to feel the effects of the Fab Four as they go their own way and land the solo careers, teen oriented pop fades and rock is more defined and flourishes.

Say good-bye to The Beatles and  pop that dominated the 60's and hello to a harder edged sound known as rock . All of the Fab Four moved forward with successful solo careers. We had heard a lot of The Beach Boys but as '72 rolled along they could hardly break the Top 50.

Debut albums emerged of groups that defined rock to this day. The Eagles self-titled album became a household name, Steely Dan was recording, 'Can't Buy A Thrill' (became Gold), David Bowie changed the face of Glam Rock and anything Metal when he landed with, 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.'

Rock seemed to be very visible when it came to politics, especially in 1968, but in 1972 Rock basically said enough of that and went a different direction. Two years prior Neil Young gained notoriety with his protest songs, but in '72 'Harvest' was released and presented a more gentle theme, with "Heart of Gold" and "Old Man."

Sounds of Summer- 1972
Allman Brothers Band - LP 'Eat A Peach'
Rolling Stones - LP 'Exile on Main Street'
Elton John - LP 'Honky Chateau'
Deep Purple - LP 'Machine Head'
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - LP 'Trilogy'

David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, "Starman" 1972