The Game Show Network is remembering Davy Jones in their own special way tonight. 

Turns out that Monkees lead vocalist Davy Jones was on their version of The Newlywed Game in January 2010, shortly after his fourth wedding to Telemundo beauty Jessica Pacheco. The couple appeared on the show four and a half months after they were married and they were still together when Davy suffered a fatal heart attack last week in Florida.

The replay of the show will air tonight at 6pm on Game Show Network. Check your local listings.

In other Davy Jones news, the publicly loved musician is having an extremely private memorial service and one former bandmate says he will not be attending. Mickey Dolenz says in an interview with Billboard that out of respect for Davy's family's wishes, he is not going to go to Davy's funeral. Mickey insists that it's not because he didn't love him like a brother and doesn't want to be there. He says that he feels that if he, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith all showed up at the service, it would deteriorate into something it was not supposed to be.

Though Mickey is staying away from the private family service, he is interested in doing something for the fans. He goes on to say that it's a little too early to be making plans, but when the time is right, they'll put something together so their fans can be part of a remembrance and say goodbye in their own way.