We see it all the time - people wearing earbuds while driving their car. Did you know it's illegal? Police are starting to look for these people while driving.

In a wi-fi world, you can listen to almost anything you want on your mobile phone. We get it, tons of our listeners get their fix listening to us with earbuds in and cranked. So why not toss the earbuds in when you start driving? Well, it's distracting and turns off all noise around you, and police aren't going to let it slip by anymore. Listen to my interview with Sgt. Jesse Grabow from the Minnesota State Patrol above.

The Minnesota statute reads as following regarding this:
"No person, while operating a motor vehicle, shall wear headphones or earphones that are used in both ears simultaneously for purposes of receiving or listening to broadcasts or reproductions from radios, tape decks, or other sound-producing or transmitting devices."

It's not illegal to wear headphones or earbuds in just 1 ear, as you can still hear road noise and noises around you. Having both ears covered, on the other hand, is a big no-no.