Pink Floyd was a hugely influential group on many acts over the last 45 years, but does drummer Nick Mason hate bands that have dedicated their musical career to Pink Floyd in tribute?

To quote the Magic 8 Ball, "My sources say yes."

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason says that they shouldn't "irk" him, but they do because he feels that they're "missing the point".

He admits that when someone does a cover of a Pink Floyd song, he enjoys it, but tribute bands not so much. That's because when Pink Floyd would play the songs live, they weren't a note for note replication of what was on the record. He says that the band was constantly reworking the songs and trying to make them better. He's not even a fan of the now broken up Australian Pink Floyd (who, by the way, split over musical differences. You would have thought they'd see it coming!).

By the way, Pink Floyd's iconic album, The Dark Side Of The Moon album turned 40 last week.