According to a new study the simple taste of beer excites the brain and that means it will increase the urge to drink more and maybe hard liquor does the same but don't show up to the following events drunk.Just an F.Y.I. of places you don't want to show up trashed:

The Gym : Getting down and dirty on the bench press while intoxicated could kill you.

Sports you may be involved in : lacing up the sneakers or cleats and playing in the big game, you don't want the booze sloshing around in your stomach. Hey, if you're a spectator drink away.

First Date : you may need that boost to get your nerves up but she'll love you for that or maybe hate you. Keep the playing field on the same page, if not it won't go well.

That all ever important Job Interview : [See VIDEO], you're nervous that's a given but if you show up with booze on your breath, the only job you're going to get is driving back home.

Maintain control before you go and you'll be ready to play.