Gregg Allman says he's putting together a new album and he's calling in some favors from a few of his friends.

According to, Gregg Allman is looking to hook up with super producer T Bone Burnett, but scheduling conflicts are keeping the meeting from happening.

Apparently, the two tried to get together in May, but things got pushed back to September. Now Gregg says he’s going to be busy the next couple of months, so he’s hoping the meeting can take place in November.

Gregg’s new album could be a collaborative effort with some of his friends including country star Eric Church. This isn’t Gregg talking big, either, as Eric has confirmed it with Paste Magazine that he’s going to, "get to do a thing pretty soon with Gregg Allman.”

I hope this meeting with T Bone happens soon. I want to hear what Gregg is going to do next.