The drama surrounding GnR and The RnRHoF Induction on Saturday night had all the elements of a reality show (or a twisted version of Desperate Housewives). In what was probably the most anticipated performance of the night, former members of GnR tapped Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge and Slash's vocalist for his solo projects) as vocalist for their tunes. If you were lucky enough (as I was) to see Slash in the super-close-up setting of the Medina Ballroom last spring, you know Myles has a helluva voice.  Though not really in the same register as Axl's, Kennedy is very familiar with GnR's songs, and does them justice.

Even though you won't be able to see the full show until May 5th on HBO, adoring fans in the crowd whipped out their mobiles and captured the event. We've scoured the YouTube for the best sounding version - and here it is. Watch quick before it's dumped. If it hasn't already.

Afterwards, Steven Adler talked with Rolling Stone. He addressed the Axl issue and expresses his shock (or displeasure?) at the fact that Rush, KISS and Deep Purple haven't been inducted; saying there wouldn't be a Guns N Roses with out them.