When Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991, where he was going to be buried was kept a secret. Now, that secret resting place may have been discovered.

Some fans are claiming they have found Freddie Mercury's grave, 21 years after he passed away.

According the the U.K.'s Daily Mirror, as these fans were going through Kensal Green Cemetery in West London, they claim to have found a marker that reads, "In Loving Memory of Farrokh Bulsara", which was Freddie's birth name. There is also a sentence in French that reads, “Pour Etre Toujours Pres De Toi Avec Tout Mon Amour” which translates to, “Always To Be Close To You With All My Love” that's just signed "M" which many believe to be Mary Austin, a former girlfriend whom he remained close with after they split. The birth date and date of death are also reportedly the same as Freddie's, too. Freddie was cremated after he died and the ashes were given to Mary, but no one knows what she did with them and where his true, ultimate final resting place really is.

There has been no word from Freddie's estate, which shouldn't come as a surprise to fans, as they know Freddie was a fiercely private guy.