Do you hate the new Queensryche album? Tell Geoff Tate and you may be rewarded. Seriously. 

The new version of Queensryche featuring Geoff Tate and no one else from the original line up released an album last week called Frequency Unknown and the fans just hate it, so singer Geoff Tate is hosting a contest to determine who hates the album the most.

The contest is called Best Video Rant and if you want to get in on the fun, here's what you have to do:

Upload a video of yourself explaining why the new record sucks. There is one catch: You must use your full legal name on camera and start your video rant by saying, "My name is __________ and this is my submission for the Queensryche Best Rant Contest." Then launch into your tirade. The rant can only be about the new album and how much it sucks and why you think it sucks. You must also include the website in the description.

The contest rules state, "Please limit your rants to the music and production of the album...personal attacks/personal threats on Queensryche band and family members will not be tolerated."

So what does the favorite rant get?

An all expense paid trip to Seattle to see Queensryche on June 29, VIP special guest seating, meet and greet passes for after the show and a merch package worth $250, that you can, and I quote, "feel free to either burn, or wear in style!"

More info is at the Queensryche website. Deadline to enter is May 10.