Are you a huge Stevie Nicks fan? If so, here is your chance to not only tell Stevie how much you love her, but you will also have a chance at being a part of her upcoming documentary.

The film is about Nicks' most recent album 'In Your Dreams', and the producers of the documentary are asking for fans to send in videos that could possibly make it in the film.

The video needs to be short as there will be a lot to go through, and in the video they want you to tell Stevie what you liked about the album, and what she means to you. Feel free to speak directly to Stevie in the video, the production company (Weapons of Mass Entertainment) has said she will "more than likely see these..."

Alright Stevie fans, here's your chance at fifteen seconds of fame... get your videos in by February 1st as they are currently in the late stages of editing the film. You can send them to John courtesy of

There is no word yet on when the documentary will be released.