Congratulations to TJ Oshie and his fiance on the birth of their baby girl! 

TJ Oshie and his fiance Lauren Cosgrove welcomed baby Lyla Grace on St. Patrick's Day and it was a little scary moments after Lyla arrived.

Lyla was born with a birth defect that caused her intestines to develop outside of her little body. Immediately after she was born, she went into surgery to repair the defect, known as gastroschisis, which has a 90 percent survival rate. Mom is fine and baby Lyla will have to be in the hospital for another month while she heals. Lauren told The Today Show that it was really difficult at first and she had a tough time with it, but Lyla is doing better than they could have hoped.

Dad, TJ Oshie lived in Warroad and played for Warroad High School and was a stand out for the University of North Dakota before signing with the St. Louis Blues.

TJ became a household name during the Sochi Olympics when he helped Team USA skate past Team Russia by scoring the winning goal to lead Team USA to a 3-2 victory.