Couch jumping, dianetics, misuse of the word "glib" and now taking on a role he has no business playing. I love Jerry McGuire. Top Gun makes my heart soar, but this is inexcusable. Tom, your poster is coming off my wall.

When I was in New York City over New Year's 2009-2010, I took in a Broadway show called Rock of Ages that was set in a bar on the Sunset Strip and it's all about the L.A. music scene in the 80's. It's chock full of awesome music, they had a rockin' house band, it was funny and well acted. It's at the Brooks Atkinson Theater on West 47th in Manhattan. If you ever go to NYC and want to see a show that's not all stuffy, go see Rock of Ages.

Now a Rock of Ages movie is in the works starring Tom Cruise as aging rock star Stacee Jaxx. Director Adam Shankman went on Access Hollywood calling Cruise a "rock n' roll god." Really? How about getting a real rock n' roll god to do the part? Cruise is also taking vocal lessons to learn how to sing and is furiously researching the mid 80's and the music from that era so he's prepared and knows the songs that he has to sing. Really?

Gimmie a break. Really? You couldn't find any other actor on the planet to take on the role? Really? No other singers wanted to take part? Really? How about Bret Michaels? He would have been perfect. Set him up with an acting coach and let him try it. How about getting an actor who sings on the side? John Corbett has a band and he sings. What about Jared Leto? Same deal. He has had a number of film roles plus a very successful band called 30 Seconds to Mars. Jack Black would be awesome as Stacee Jaxx. Tom Cruise? Really?

In the musical, Stacee Jaxx has a fling with waitress Sherry and Sherry and Stacee have a number of scenes together. Which actress is shorter than Tom Cruise to play opposite him? How about we just give the role to Snooki from Jersey Shore? She probably knows nothing about that era and more than likely can't act. Why not?

Shankman isn't commenting on other possible cast members, but rumor has it that Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand may be involved. Alec I can see as the smarmy developer who wants to bulldoze the bar and Russel Brand I can see in the role of Drew the bartender, but Tom Cruise? He just looks uncomfortable flashing the devil horns. He probably doesn't even know the origin of the devil horns.

Tom Cruise? Really? No, thanks. Really.