I remember the first time I heard Electric Light Orchestra. I was six and I was riding in the car with my mom. I was captivated by the marriage of string instruments and rock and roll and I never looked back. Now, 28 years after ELO's breakup, Jeff Lynne is planning a return to the stage. 

45 years after they transformed the notion of rock and roll, Jeff Lynne is reuniting with the rest of Electric Light Orchestra and making their triumphant return to the stage for the BBC2's Hyde Park Festival late this summer. The group will be backed by the BBC's concert orchestra. That should be awesome.

Jeff admits that he hasn't performed in quite some time and the original ELO hasn't played together since 1986. Jeff tried to make a come back with the album Zoom about 13 years ago, but it was a major flop. I remember that because I had 17th row tickets for their tour stop in St. Paul and I just sat staring at the radio when I heard the tour was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

Electric Light Orchestra is slated to perform September 14.