Yes, but it's all for show. Literally. 

Gene Simmons is no stranger to the tube and tonight, he's going to make an appearance on CSI.

Gene is playing himself on tonight's episode of the long running whodunnit drama.

The network description of the episode titled, "Long Road Home" says that the episode centers on a dead groupie and a missing hooker who both have ties to a "mysterious band."

In the teaser clip, Gene is a suspect in a murder and is shown bringing evidence to head quarters and speaking with Detective Jim Brass. The evidence, by the way, is a pair of women's panties, natch.

Now, Gene Simmons gets a bad reputation for sleeping with anything that moves, all of the cheating he did on wife Shannon Tweed, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I had the chance to meet Gene about 10 years ago and I have to tell you something.

Gene was one of the most kind, professional and polite gentlemen I have ever met in my life; famous or not. He referred to me as "young lady", asked me questions about my favorite KISS song, favorite album, how long I had been in radio, if I was excited about the show, where I grew up, how I learned about KISS and finally, "stick out your tongue." Gene really is a good guy and I can't wait to see this episode tonight.

CSI airs tonight on CBS at 9pm.