Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne hit up Piers Morgan Live on CNN last night to talk about Ozzy's sobriety and appearing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

It was touch and go there for a while, but Ozzy Osbourne told Piers Morgan last night that he is sober and has been for almost a year now. As you may recall, Sharon kicked Ozzy out of their Los Angeles home last year after she found out he had fallen off the wagon, but he did clean up his act and is back living clean and sober.

He did admit that it's a constant battle, especially when he's out on tour, because after a great show, he "wants the party to continue", but he knows that's not the best idea anymore. He says that as soon as the show is over, he immediately gets into a waiting car and leaves the area, just to avoid temptation.

Ozzy is going to have to lean on his program and support system a little harder very soon. Black Sabbath is going out on a final farewell world tour starting in March. They're also going to be present and performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. They're nominated for three awards.