As a HUGE and lifelong fan of Pink Floyd, this excites me greatly.

So, here's the deal: Roger Waters released Amused to Death back in 1992. It wasn't the best ever, but it was Roger Waters, so I kind of didn't care. Then he went back to his Pink Floyd work and lately has been touring non stop behind The Wall. I saw him in Chicago last summer and it was one of the most incredible concert experiences I've had in my life. Now, it sounds like Roger has some new material up his sleeve.

According to Rolling Stone, Roger has an album of new material that he just finished a rough demo of. He said that the current version is about 55 minutes long and is more like a "radio play". No word on a title or release date.

The last album Roger had was Ca Ira, but that was considered a "rock opera" and I was not amused.