Last night, Grammy paid tribute to 50 years of the Beatles with songs, stories, videos and more songs from the honorees themselves. I wasn't so nice about the Grammys. Here's my review of the tribute.

I am a huge Beatles fan, let's just put that out there, so I had very high hopes for the Grammy's tribute to the Beatles. A lot of the music of today is not great, but I thought that the past and present managed to meld together very well.

The tribute began at the exact time on the exact day 50 years after the fact with a video of their original introduction by Ed Sullivan. They played the first song and then went into present day with pop rockers Maroon 5 playing Ticket to Ride and All My Lovin'. By the way, they were dressed just as the Beatles were in 1964 and I loved it. I thought they were awesome and they did a great job. I think they understood the enormity of the moment and felt the pressure to do well and knocked it out of the park.

There were a few moments I was a tad worried about, but overall I thought it was really fun to watch.

Ed Sheeran performed In My Life, which is one of my favorites. He's quite young, but he's British, so I think he gets it. The Joe Walsh version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps gave me chills, and I wasn't so sure about Alicia Keys and John Legend doing Let it Be because Alicia doesn't know how to let go of a song and she is also known for her vocal gymnastics. The performance was fine. It could have been worse.

It was fun to see everyone having fun and you could tell everyone there was having a great time. Well, everyone except for the young lady standing next to Sean Lennon. She's a model named Eden Rice and she looked bored out of her skull. Yoko Ono was doing her own thing, but seemed to be having a great time. I just can't figure out what Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were doing there in the front row next to Paul's wife.

Trolling my Facebook page, here's what my friends had to say:

Linda says, "So many cool memories! I watched my parents, aunts, uncles and neighbors revel in excitement when the Beatles came on TV!" Brad adds, "Love The Beatles." Kelly says, "Beatles awesome."

Overall, I would give the show an A. It was a blast to watch and so glad to see Paul and Ringo back together and I really hope it comes out on DVD.