When it rains it pours, that's the way it was with J.J. Cale's songs, seemed as fast as he could write them, they were being covered.

'Okie' Lp Wikipedia,

The third album titled, 'Okie' was another plethora of songs covered by various groups/artists. The album produced the songs, "Got the Same Old Blues" (covered by Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Captain Beefheart to name a few), "Anyway the Wind Blows" (Bill Wyman and The Rhythm Kings), "I'd Like to Love You,Baby" (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. This is just a few, I think you get the idea, If i covered all his songs covered by artists I would be here all day.


One could say he was underrated as a guitar player since he was obviously well known for his songwriting ability and very laid back vocal style.

Shortly before his death Cale and Clapton became frequent collaborators, in fact; both made appearances on each others albums, Clapton on what would be Cale's final album in 2009, titled, 'Roll On' and Cale on Clapton's, 'Road To Escondido' and 'Old Sock'.

J.J. Cale (Johnny Cale), credit Louis Ramirez, Wikipedia


When word got to Clapton of Cale's passing he wrote on his Facebook page, "We've lost a great artist and a great person."


J.J Cale passed away from heart failure on July 26th, 2013. He was 74. R.I.P. J.J. Cale.



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The J.J. Cale performing live at The Guthrie Theatre, Mpls, Mn. in 1990, "Cocaine" and a few other songs from that show.: