Jack Russell and Great White are set to play a benefit show later this month, but it's not for who you think.

Jack Russell and Great White are slated to play a benefit show tonight in California to raise money for charity, but it's not for the Station Fire Memorial Foundation.

The tenth anniversary of the Station fire is coming up on February 20th and Jack had originally intended to do the show for the memorial foundation, but is being forced to change his plans after being informed that the foundation doesn't want his money. Instead, Jack is playing a benefit show in Hermosa Beach for B.E.A.T.S., a charity started in memory of Great White guitarist Ty Longley, who was killed in the fire.

Jack says that he's "saddened" to know that his money is being rejected by the Station Fire Memorial Foundation after being told that the families want nothing to do with Jack, the band or their money, but he still welcomes the chance to help out B.E.A.T.S. The name B.E.A.T.S., by the way stands for Bringing Everyone A Tremendous Smile. It's a charity that gives hospitalized children toys and musical instruments.

Ty Longly and 99 others were killed at the Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island on February 20, 2003 after a fire broke out that was sparked by Great White's pyrotechnics.