James Hetfield of Metallica attended Downey High School in Downey, CA for only his freshman and sophomore years but he was inducted into the school's hall of fame nonetheless.

The ceremony took place at the school last Friday and James was on hand to address the student body.

"I hated my school -- literally. I was a misfit, I didn't fit in, didn't wanna fit in. I hid as much as possible in my music and listening to music. Yes, I did have to show up in classes and get credits and things, just to make it through, but I really did not feel like I identified with anyone. (So) to be back here, being included in the Hall Of Fame, is completely surreal and it is a testament to . . . the people in the 'misfit' category, they are able to apply themselves and (achieve) their dreams, just in a different way."

He added "High school was not the best time for me. But music was a savior -- a very big savior in my life -- and I was able to climb into other people's heads and their records and get involved in music and, basically, instead of hanging out at school, I went home and practiced guitar, and that was what I did."

Pretty amazing and forthright wordage and good for him to get it out there in this day and age of multi forms of bullying and cruelty. Instead of just going through the motions of preaching the merits of education and hard work, he basically says high school sucked - I can relate, believe me - and that he endured all the crap but still pursued his dream.