In the latest onslaught of classic rockers writing tell all books. John Fogerty is next in line. What kind of book will this be? 

We know it's going to be a memoir, but how "tell all" will the John Fogerty memoir be?

Not as tell all as many autobiographies.

According to, John says that the book won't be "tawdry" and that guilty parties won't be named, adding that "close friends, lovers, all of that, who are invisible," will "stay that way." John says there won't be "not looking for the big reveal" and he isn't looking to shame anyone or to get anything off his chest. He just wants to tell his story about finding music.

John says that he was musically inclined from the time he was in diapers and that all of the joy in his life came from discovering and playing music and that's what he wants to share.

The sharing is still in its infancy, so he hasn't really gotten to the meat of the writing just yet, but he expects the book to be published sometime next year.