Jon Bon Jovi has finally opened his "pay what you can" restaurant in a permanent location in Red Bank, New Jersey. The idea came to life back in 2009 but Jon didn't have a permanent building to carry out his plan. Now he does, and here is how it works...

The charity restaurant has a pay-what-you-can menu, that's right, there are no prices on the menu. There are suggested donation amounts next to each meal instead. If the diner can't afford to donate any money towards the meal they can earn their free meal by volunteering in their community.

The JBJ Soul Kitchen serves healthy variations on classic soul food. This isn't like a soup kitchen, it's an actual restaurant. Jon says "It's the hottest looking restaurant in this town. We have to get rid of a few stigmas attached to the word volunteering and making a difference."

I think this is an incredible idea. I hope this catches on and becomes a trend in other cities around America.