Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first gig at the Marquee Club in London and Keith Richards was reflecting on the past and pontificating about their future.Keith Richards said that he would be happy to see The Rolling Stones continue indefinitely.

He told the BBC that there "may be life in this old dog yet". There were also hints at a 50th anniversary tour. He said that plans were beginning to form, but as to when, he "can't say". The last time they toured was in 1997 and they raked in $558 million dollars, which at the time was the most profitable concert tour ever. Last year they were beat out by U2's 360 Tour. The group was at the revealing of a photo exhibit called Rolling Stones: 50 commemmorating the groups milestone anniversary. Keith said that he didn't remember being in most of the photographs. He said he was looking at some of the pictures thinking to himself, "Where was the cameraman? I don't remember them being there."

Meanwhile, Mick Jagger was also in the mood to reflect saying that he still feels like that "happy go lucky kid" who had to borrow money from his parents to play that first gig. I'm sure he's paid them back by now.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger for me are akin to Lennon and McCartney or Page and Plant when it comes to an iconic body of work. Would you pay to go and see the Rolling Stones if they embarked on a 50th anniversary tour? Me? I don't camp, but I would camp out for tickets if it meant being at the show.