Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond endeavour, is set for release in November and promises to be the grittiest portrayal of our hero yet.  Once again, Daniel Craig takes on the spy-a-riffic role, and the savvy director, Sam Mendes has tapped Javier Bardem (Eat Pray Love, No Country For Old Men) as the menacing villain. But I know what you're really wondering... yeah... who are the Bond Girls?

It's a coveted role when it comes to international film-making, never mind that FEW OF THEM have ever really made it big afterwards. Save Ursula Andress, Jane Seymour and Michelle Yeoh, who consider the Bond films their big break, the big stars (Jill St. John, Famke Janssen, Grace Slick, Kim Basinger and Terri Hatcher) were just that before they took the role as James' plaything.

As of late the producers have gone to the original formula of casting relavitve unkowns opposite Craig. This time around we'll be treated to French actress Bérénice Marlohe as the glamorous and enigmatic Severin, Naomie Harris and Harry Potter-alum Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy).

Now that I've piqued your interest in those past luscious love and lust interests of the world's master spy (NO I'm not talking about YOU, Archer!)... relive the sweet and tasty tarts with this handy info-graphic from Go ahead, print it out, for ... uh... reference.