ST. CLOUD - While many of you are enjoying our mild winter weather this year, it's been a bummer for people who love to get out and play in the snow.

Mike Rathlisberger is the owner of Fitzharris Ski and Sport in downtown St. Cloud. He says sales are down for snow-dependent gear.

The more snow dependent sports like cross country skiing or snow shoeing are definitely down a little bit. Alpine skiing - or downhill skiing - and snowboarding is actually pretty good this year. The ski areas are back open now and have pretty decent snow cover. So, people are still pretty excited for winter to come.

He says they're doing okay for now, but he's hoping for snow soon.

If we don't get snow in January, it definitely goes on clearance. We have been selling a fare amount of fat bikes right now, just because you don't need snow for that and it's been a great mild fall and winter for getting outside and biking. There's that part of the business that isn't as weather dependent.

Fitzharris also leases and rents winter gear. Rathlisberger says they've been doing well in that department, with people vacationing out in the Rockies, where they have a lot of snow this year. But, he says their repair shop has been slow.

Fitzharris sells everything from downhill and nordic skis, snowboards, snow shoes, and winter clothing. Their website says their staff, "has a passion for winter sports". By the way, winter officially arrives tomorrow (Tuesday).