Sure I love this Indian Summer weather we're having; I mean who am I to complain about 70˚ in November? The team at is here to tell us when we should expect that first significant snowfall, and I'm here to tell you how to win a $50 McDonald's Arch Card for guessing it correctly.

Ok, here's the game:  Submit your guess below as to when the first official daily snowfall of at least 1" will be recorded by the National Weather Service at the St. Cloud Airport. Get it right and you win a $50 McDonald's Arch Card. (One random winner will be drawn from multiple correct guesses.) Entry deadline is 11:59:59 PM on 11/5/15. Simple as that.

Want some help? Here you go:
  • Average first 1" snowfall:  November 18th.
  • Earliest first 1" snowfall:  September 26 (1942).
  • Latest first 1" snowfall:  January 9 (1945).