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When 'Privateering' came out in 2012 it was released world wide except the U.S., this is Mark's first double album.

'Privateering' LP, Wikipedia

Apparently there was at the time a contract dispute with his record label Mercury Records which was the reason for the delay, finally in September of 2013 it magically appeared.

Music critics from around the world must of had a CD party of this album, they all agreed this was Mark's best work yet as a solo artist musically and lyrically.

As in his previous albums, Mark predominately used acoustic guitar, however; on 'Privateering' he opened the doors back up for the frequent use of the electric guitar.


Original CD Track List:

  1. "Redbud Tree"
  2. "Haul Away"
  3. "Don't Forget Your Hat"
  4. "Privateering"
  5. "Miss You Blues"
  6. "Corned Beef City"
  7. "Go Love"
  8. "Hot or What"
  9. "Yon Two Crows"
  10. "Seattle"

Disc 2:

  1. "Kingdom of Gold"
  2. "Got to Have Something"
  3. "Radio City Serenade"
  4. "I Used to Could"
  5. "Gator Blood"
  6. "Bluebird"
  7. "Dream of the Drowned Submariner"
  8. "Blood and Water"
  9. "Today is Okay"
  10. "After the Beanstalk"

The solo albums are what we look into as we view the contributions to his success.

'Listen' to Mark Knopfler performing "Privateering":