Japan has been a haven for Heavy Metal bands for decades, but do they have any Metal bands of their own?  Of course they do!

Loudness is the most succesful Japanese Metal band ever and Akira Takasaki is one of Metal's best players.  If you have any doubts, pick up one of their 20+ releases or as anyone in the business and they'll tell you.

Takasaki has remained the one constant in the band over the years and his playing has evolved as well.  Loudness has also "adjusted" their sound too.  They started in 1980 in the middle of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and found international fame with their 1986 release "Lightning Strikes".  They continue to tour and put out music to this day!

If you like Loudness, Earthshaker, and Anthem are a couple other bands from Japan with ties to Loudness you'll want to check out.

Akira Takasaki guitar solo: