Motley Crue has come out recently and said they are calling it a day (remains to be seen), but regardless, Moondance Jam this Summer might be one of your last chances to see them live.

Over time it's hard to classify Motley Crue as "Metal".  Their "Shout At The Devil" was probably the closest thing to more traditional Metal.  Then in 1991 on a greatest hits release they  came out with an original song called "Primal Fear".

The song was their darkest material to date and was heavy like the "Shout..." material.  Some have argued that if the Hair Metal bands had taken this approach a few years earlier that bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam may have never surfaced.  Well, I guess we'll never know that for sure, it might have at least prolonged their existence.

Motley Crue's Primal Fear -

Motley Crue has helped spawn a new generation of sleaze Rock overseas.  Here's a band heavily influenced by Crue, Sweden's "Hardcore Superstar".

Hardcore Superstar - "Into Debachery" -