Pantera was one of the Metal bands to survive grunge in the early 90's and help mold the Metal scene for many years to come.They started in 1981 by brothers Vinnie Paul (drums) and Dimebag Darrell (guitar).  A lot of people may not know that they were originally a "Hair Metal" band with makeup and the works.  It wasn't until singer Phil Anselmo joined the band in 1986 that they went more towards a "Thrash" sound.

Then in 1990 they put out "Cowboys From Hell" that was more groove laden and solidified the band and true bad-asses.  They're influence and style was evident in the scene very quickly as hordes of bands followed their blueprint.  They had massive success through a good part of the 90's before things slowed down and they finally broke up around 2003.

Then on the fateful day of December 8, 2004, the brothers were playing in their new band called "Damageplan".  Twenty-five-year-old Nathan Gale came on stage and shot guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell point blank, killing him.  Gale was eventually shot by a police officer, but not before killing 3 others and injuring 2 others.

Here's Pantera's signature song "Walk" from 1992's "Vulgar Display Of Power".