With the extended holiday weekend here, a study was done to find the hardest working city, and it just so happens Minneapolis-St Paul ranks number one.  

The one thing I noticed is most of these cites are located in the mid-west.  So the saying that we have a great mid-west work ethic is true.  Now how come we can't make more money doing this work?

Here are the top 12 hardest working cities:  The survey is based on things like the average work hours, commute times, households where both parents work, and people with multiple jobs.

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
2. Madison, Wisconsin.
3. Omaha, Nebraska.
4. Des Moines, Iowa.
5. Denver, Colorado.
6. Washington D.C.
7. Hartford, Connecticut.
8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
9. Wichita, Kansas.
10. Boston, Massachusetts.
11. Honolulu, Hawaii.
12. Columbus, Ohio.

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