Sparklers, fountains, smokey things...blah, blah, blah. I appreciate everyone's concern for protecting me from myself (see helmet laws, seat belt laws, and lack thereof for fast-food, 96-ounce sodas, tobacco, & alcohol). I am a red-blooded American man that wants to shoot things into the sky and blow things up. Come on man.

Does South Dakota care less about the well-being of their citizens? Well, at least I can buy beer on Sunday. What? Wait a minute. What?

According to the Minnesota State Fire Marshall's office, here's what's illegal in Minnesota for you and I:

  • Any fireworks that are explosive.
  • Any fireworks that are aerial.
  • Firecrackers (any size).
  • Ladyfingers.
  • Sky rockets.
  • Bottle rockets.
  • Missile type rockets.
  • Helicopters, aerial spinners, planes, UFOs.
  • Roman Candles.
  • Mines or shells (heavy cardboard or paper tube(s) attached to a base – upon ignition stars, balls or reports are propelled into the air).
  • Chasers.
  • Parachutes.
  • 1.3G Display (special or class B) Fireworks.
  • Aerial shells.
  • Fun.