So let's say you're at the X and your sexy hockey bunny date Alyssa Milano decides she wants some cheesy fries. You can't deny her, because she looks sooo good in that tight Wild T. But alas, as you're standing in line waiting, the crowd goes (pardon the pun) WILD!

You break out in a cold sweat. A strained look crosses your face. In frantic tones, you mentally weigh the options of losing your place in line to see what's happening and risk the wrath of a hungry stick-chick with mad slashing skills or just grin and bear it, so you can see Alyssa's sweet almond eyes glow when you return with the mound of gooey goodness.

Well, starting today your plight is no more puck-head. Right now, and I mean right now, you can head over to the iPhone App Store and download the new Minnesota Wild app.

This, my frozen friend, is no ordinary app. It does some standard, what you would expect an app to do, things like:

  • Team Information and News: Sports fans at home and at the Xcel Energy Center can stay on top of their team with a player roster, stats and news right at their fingertips.
  • Access to Social Networking Sites: Easy access to the Minnesota Wild on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.
  • Events Calendar: Fans inside and outside the arena have access to a calendar of sponsored events at the arena.
  • MyWildNet: Games, arena information, replays and more can be accessed via the app

BUT... if you're in the X and accessing their WiFi, it will do some pretty amazing, dare I say 'Gretzkyonian' © things;

  • Food Ordering: Hungry? Use the app to locate vendors in the X, then place your food orders from your seats and be notified by text when your order is ready to be picked up. Xcel Energy Center is the first venue in the Twin Cities market to use this technology.
  • Live In-Stadium Instant Replays: You can access instant replays not shown on TV or the center-hung scoreboard.
  • Fan Zone: This feature provides integrated social networking that lets users inside the arena join groups, post updates and more.
  • Arena Guide: This venue map helps you find what amenities are near your seats.

THAT stuff is seriously cool. I can't wait to try it during the Hockey Day MN game tomorrow night.