There are going to be some goodies that are ready to be released on Record Store Day, like The Velvet Underground.

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The last album where Lou Reed appeared with The Velvet Underground was in 1970 and titled, 'Loaded.'

'Loaded' has on it the best known songs by the band, "Rock & Roll" and "Sweet Jane."

You'll love this the 12" vinyl is pink,black and white splatter for record Store Day.




'Loaded' track list:

  1. "Who Loves the Sun"
  2. "Sweet Jane"
  3. "Rock & Roll"
  4. "Cool It Down"
  5. "New Age"

Side 2:

  1. "Head Held High"
  2. "Lonesome Cowboy Bill"
  3. "I Found a Reason"
  4. "Train Round the Bend"
  5. "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"

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The Velvet Underground, 'Loaded' (full album):