If you've ever heard the rumor that Neil Young was unhappy with his album Comes a Time, the rumor is true, but you'll never believe what he did with the records. 

Neil Young recently confirmed suspicions that he was unhappy with his 1978 album, Comes a Time, but it wasn't due to the audio technology made available to him for the recording, as was widely speculated in the past.

Neil says that there were 200 thousand albums pressed from a bad master tape that he claims was damaged when it went through an airport scanner. He didn't want the albums pressed because the audio quality was damaged and not up to his standards, but his label went ahead and did it anyway. Neil didn't want the public to hear the bad pressing, so he bought all of the records from his label.

The label made a copy of the master, cleaned up the audio and repressed the records. Neil says that while his label got the remake record, he made a barn roof from all the old albums.