Jimi Hendrix has a "new" album due this spring and now the "new" single from that album has apparently leaked online. 

The "new" album will be called People, Hell and Angels. It's going to be an entire album of previously unreleased songs and it sounds like his estate has given their blessing for it to happen, so you know it's legit.

In November, a sample of the song Somewhere was leaked online by his former sound guy Eddie Kramer and now apparently, the whole song has been leaked. Rolling Stone is calling the song "a far-reaching psychedelic blues jam". The song also features Stephen Stills on the bass. It came out of a jam session with Stephen and guitarist Buddy Miles. Eddie says of the track it's a "fantastic example of Jimi's amazing control of the wah-wah, the tone of the wah-wah, how that effects the whole song. It projects itself right through the track." The album was supposed to be the follow up to Electric Ladyland, but when Jimi died in 1970, it just wasn't possible. Well, now with the new technology, we get a new Jimi Hendrix album.


People, Hell and Angels will be available March 5. If Jimi were alive, he'd be 70.

Check out the album cover.


Somewhere is signature Hendrix. Take a listen: