If you're from Minnesota, you no doubt bleed purple. Maybe your Facebook does, too. Someone with a lot more time than you or I sat down and used the new Facebook Graph Search to get a visual look at how the NFL shakes out on Facebook,  just in time for Super Bowl.

That someone actually works for Facebook, so I guess it's his job to waste time. Sean Taylor decided to plug in the right numbers to tabulate our likes, comments and preferences on NFL FB pages and came up with some pretty cool and, admittedly, perplexing graphics.


NFL Facebook Fans/Sean Taylor

At first glance it all seems pretty straight-forward. using The Vikes as an example, you can see MN residents aren't the only fans that bleed purple, it bleeds into ND, SD and Iowa. Not too surprising, considering we're pretty much the only game in town, and howabout those Cowboys? The Texans sure have their work cut out for them, fan-wise. But where it gets interesting is the cities and states that sport more than one team. Poor Florida, they just don't know what to do.

And HOLY CRAP. Look at the Niners in the Golden State. I can only assume that Raiders fans can't figure out how to use FB. I've met scores of them, it's VERY plausible. Another quick laugh comes from NY. That's a lot of blue there for the Giants. But where are the Jets? Oh they're there... scan Manhattan Island and you'll see a little dust mote of NYJ fans. But remember, it's hard to be on Facebook when you're slinging garbage in the financial district during the day and blotto at the corner bar til Midnight. Seeing wide swatches of yellow? I had heard that Steeler-Nation was everywhere, but didn't believe until I looked at Hawaii. Samoan/Tongan Troy Polamalu's family must have threatened the whole state with bodily harm.

AND JUST WHAT THE HELL are all those little blotches of Packer backers doing in Idaho? Wait. Potato field pesticide run-off, that could explain it. But, something is seriously wrong with those Alaskans. Oh WAIT. Sarah Palin. GOT IT.

Just for reference, and non-wagering <ahem-cough-cough> purposes, check out the Superbowl match-up using the same formula. That's what we call The Niner Bandwagon, sir. I'm putting 25 Dorito's chips on Baltimore.


NFL Facebook Fans Superbowl/Sean Taylor

In the comments section below, give me your thoughts on this very colorful representation of NFL Fandom.