On Sunday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune revealed a confidential list of NFL demands the league placed on the host city, if Minneapolis wanted the 2018 Super Bowl to take place in the new Vikings stadium. It's unclear how much of it the Minnesotans agreed to, but here's part of the list (all at no cost to the league).

  • 35,000 free parking spaces.
  • Police escorts for NFL team owners.
  • 20 free billboards in the area for NFL use.
  • The use of three 'top-quality' golf courses. (ummm, in February?)
  • The use of two 'top-quality' bowl venues.
  • Presidential suites at high-end area hotels.
  • Portable cell towers installed if service at those hotels is unacceptable.
  • All ticket sales revenue to go to the league.
  • At least 20 color pages in area daily newspapers. (Come on NFL, newspapers in 2018?)
  • The league wants full exemption from state, county, and city taxes.

Here's the full 153-page NFL document.