The Vikings are in at tough spot early in the season. Following their week-one loss to the Detroit Lions, another loss today at Chicago would not only drop their record to 0-2, but would be their second in the division. That's a hole I don't want to see them dig.

Historically, only 12% of teams that have started their NFL season 0-2 have gone on to make the playoffs. To that point, it's generally felt that it takes ten wins to move on to the post season. Sure, some teams have made it with only nine, but last year Chicago had ten wins and didn't make the playoffs, costing Lovie Smith his job. The number is usually ten.

After today there are fourteen games remaining. If the Vikings lose today, they's have to go 10-4 over the remainder of the season to hit that magical 10-win mark. Want to guess how confident I am on that happening?

No doubt that last week there were many guilty of contributing to the loss in Detroit. Offensive line offered little pass protection or hole opening. The defense allowed Reggie Bush to run wild. But when it's all said and done, my biggest problem is with Ponder.

Lead the team Christian. I haven't seen anything in the preseason or week one that leads me to believe he's the guy. Set his lackluster on-field performance aside -- his presence lacks leadership, energy, excitement, confidence, intent, and urgency.

If I hear a reporter ask him if he feels increased pressure and scrutiny one more time, and have his response be, "No," I might lose my mind (and yes, I am well aware I lost it a long time ago, but that's not the point). Feel pressure Christian.

Kevin Williams will make his first start today after a preseason knee injury. Hope that helps slow Forte down.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears today at Noon (CDT) on Fox.