There have been many a good drummer over the years, Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker (Cream), John Bohnam (Led Zeppelin), a pretty extensive list actually. In this article we feature Neil Peart.

Neil was born on the 12th of September, 1952, grew up in Ontario, Canada and joined Rush in 1974 after he totally stunned Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson during an audition.

Neil designed his own signature drumsticks with Pro Mark,The Promark PW747W, the sticks are made of Japanese White Oak.. His 360 drum unit:

Neil Peart 360 drums, ShipGuy, Wikipedia

Enjoy the solo, if you ever get to see Rush you will enjoy the show, if you have seen them you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Drums aren't his only passion as he is a prolific writer both lyrics and the author of several travel based non- fiction books.


Neil Peart of Rush performing a drum solo at their 30th Anniversary concert in Germany: