Ozzy and Sharon are no longer in danger of losing their Malibu mansion. Home is still for sale. 

I have been following this story for you since the beginning and I'm pleased to say there's a happy ending. Ozzy and Sharon recently put their Malibu mansion on the market for a whopping $14 million dollars. Then they were forced to lower the price because of the down economy and some unpaid bills.

Turns out, the Osbournes were in some tax trouble with the IRS. They owed almost $2 million in back taxes for 2008 and 2009. Sharon says she found out about the lien the IRS put on the house through the media and had no idea about the huge tax bill. Sharon took to her Twitter account to say that she has since spoken with her accountant who also had no idea what was going on and adds she hopes that the snafu doesn't reflect poorly on their "moral character".  Sharon promises to be more personally connected to their business affairs in the future.

Ozzy, meanwhile is in charge of Record Store Day tomorrow. You can read more about that here.