Long live Randy Rhoads who passed away in a plane crash the year prior to this


"Bark at the Moon" was the first album (studio) that was released by Ozzy after Randy's death. The song was about a werewolf who seeks revenge after coming back from the dead.

Ozzy stated, : "The title for this song actually came from a joke I used to tell where the punch line was 'Eat S**t and bark at the moon.' (Ozzman Cometh)

A 20-year-old Canadian man by the name of James Jollimore claimed that this song compelled him to stab a woman and her 2 sons to death, really pal?

'Bark At The Moon' was released on the 10th of December, 1983, the featured guitarist on the album was Jake.E.Lee (guitar fro Dio). The album peaked at number 19 on the U.S. charts.