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I Love My New Air Conditioner, But Not in a Weird Way
As many of you know, i live in Fargo and spend 5 days a week here in St Cloud. I'm sure my wife appreciates her alone time every week. Anyway, for the first couple of years I was in a hotel suite and it was great. Free WiFi, Cable, HBO, exercise room, pool, free coffee and breakfast, hot tub an…
Why Is Starbucks Closed This Afternoon?
So I headed over to Starbucks after the morning show because I needed my Refresher! Love those, by the way. I get to the drive thru and I see a sign that says that they will be closed today at 3pm.
Tis the Season for Weird Food. What’s the Weirdest?
It's that time of year again. We have many festivals, fairs and flea markets, etc. I for one, find great comedy in what some of these vendors come up with. There are the multiple different thing on a stick. Pork chops, fajitas on a stick, corn on the cob puppies on a stick, BLT on a stick...

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