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Early Ice Panfish Junkie
The early ice is always an interesting period in the fishing calendar. It is definitely one of my favorite times of the year for angling.
It’s Veteran’s Day! Thank and/or Hug a Veteran.
This great country is, and always has been the greatest country in the World. Today is Veteran's Day, so take some time to thank a veteran and let them know you appreciate their service and sacrifice. What they did and do affects all of us in our everyday lives...
Baxter’s Attic, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band “Deja Voodoo” (live)
One of my favorites from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. This was the first tune from the band to get radio play and pretty much busted things wide open.. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live, I highly recommend doing so. The last time I played Kenny Wayne Shepherd in the Attic, Kenny hi…
Dear Baxter, What the Hell is a 710 Cap?
Dear Baxter,
My husband left this cap from my car and told me to order a new one. I called several auto parts stores and they had no idea what a 710 cap is.  I don't want to ask my husband because he thinks I'm stupid, so I want to do this on my own...

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