Following his six date summer "tour", (the first date of which in the Twin Cities was rained out) Peter promised he'd be back. Now he's promising some goodies on his Guitar Circus tour.

In a new interview with Billboard, Peter Frampton says that the Guitar Circus tour will be heavy on the cameos. Though he's been really short with the specifics, Peter is reportedly set to be on the road for the whole entire summer.

The latest announced cameo is blues great B.B. King. B.B. will be touring with Peter for three weeks in August. Peter has said that he's "honored" by King's agreement to be a part of the tour and he can't wait to thank him for his participation.

So, besides all of the cameos and Peter Frampton's greatness, what can fans expect? Peter says he'll be doing some material from his 2006 album Fingerprints, instrumentals and "the old favorites."

No dates have been announced thus far.