Peter Frampton was hospitalized following a car accident yesterday. Does this jeopardize his concert here on Friday night?

Peter Frampton suffered back and neck injuries yesterday on the 101 in southern California after he was rear ended by a driver who was allegedly not paying attention. Peter took to his Twitter account a few hours after the incident explaining what happened and asking people to put down their phones and gadgets when they're behind the wheel. He said that he is "grinning and bearing it" even though his Grin and Bear It tour hasn't even started yet.

He said that he is recovering from whiplash and it's "not good". He is planning to see a doctor this week ahead of his scheduled appearance and official tour kickoff at Rockwoods JamFest in Otsego on Friday.

Do you have your tickets yet? Sounds like he will still be taking part in the concert along with Eddie Money and Foghat.

In the mean time, let's enjoy this Geico Insurance commercial starring Peter Frampton and the talk box.