I'm a giver.

I love giving gifts. I'm so bad at it, though because I can't wait for the receiver to open what I got them, so I usually let people open one (and probably the best) gift first.

Here's the problem. I SUCK at wrapping presents. There's either too much paper, not enough paper, or my Mom bought some on clearance December 26 last year, so I inherit that and it's probably the ugliest wrapping paper on the face of the planet. The way I see it, a $h!tty wrapping job with ugly wrapping paper says, "Merry Christmas! Love, Jenna".

So, if there is a gift under the tree (or Festivus Pole) addressed to you from me that's perfectly wrapped in gorgeous paper, chances are it's not really from me.

Happy Festivus. Remember, it's not over until you pin me.